– Latest update: Part 2499999 – Permutations 1249999001 to 1249999500 were generated 1 year and 271 days ago. (2014–Ongoing) is a website that is generating, archiving and displaying all possible arrangements of square and rectangular grids—starting with a 1x1 grid and currently working through all possible 6x5 grids (of which there are over one-billion unique compositions)—where each grid section can be in one of two possible states: Positive or Negative (White or Black).

As of 1 year and 271 days ago 1249999500 permutations have been produced; the website continues to generate new permutations at a rate of approximately 16.67 permutations per second (500 every 30 seconds/1000 per minute/1440000 per day).

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Occasionally Curated but Predominantly Pseudo-Random Gallery

The gallery is updated 48 times each day and contains a collection of occasionally curated but predominantly pseudo-randomly selected grid permutations.


The archives can be used to access the entire collection of grid permutations—from the very beginning all the way to the current end, all 1249999500 of them—though unless you have a specific destination in mind it is recommended that you be adventurous and allow your fate to be decided for you by clicking "Random".

Starts, Ends and Totals

This page contains information regarding the points at which a grid dimension starts and ends (5x5 grids start at permutation 2239755 and end at permutation 35794186), the total number of permutations of a grid dimension (there are 512 3x3 grid permutations) and when future grid dimensions are likely to be completed (6x5 grids will be completed in approximately -73.9 days time).


Note: The following tools/webpages are classed as experimental and as such may not function entirely as expected, particularly when accessed using an old browser (they should work in recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer) or a mobile device. Due to their experimental nature they are liable to be changed dramatically over time or simply be deleted on a whim.

Scroller: A part (a sequential section of 500 grid permutations) is selected at random and is then slowly scrolled through, cycling infinitely as a new part is loaded when the current part has been entirely scrolled through.

Single: A single grid permutation is chosen at random, slowly fades onto the screen and remains visible for 5 seconds before fading away to be replaced with another single grid permutation, cycling infinitely. The intention is to force engagement with a permutation as a single composition; to isolate it from the massive whole.